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Super Compact
Chiller Barrels

TX/TXC chiller barrels engineered design provides years of reliable service. Ideal for system builder and OEM replacement units.

Standard Designs
TX/TXC dual and multiple circuit chillers are available in standard designs for fresh water duty. They are available in 18 catalog models from 10 to 250 tons. 3/4″ Insulation is fitted as standard.

Tube Materials
TX chillers are manufactured with enhanced 1/4″ OD copper tubing. TXC utilize enhanced 3/8″ OD copper tubing.

Configurable and custom vessels are available with special materials of construction as required by you or your client.

Units are available with left, right or top mounted shell side connections, please specify at time of order. As standard 3/4″ insulation is included, 1-1/2″ or no insulation is also available.

ASME specification steel pipe. Shells are sand blasted and cleaned prior to assembly.

Copper high performance internally enhanced designed tubing is standard. Other tubing materials are available for corrosive duties.

Tube Sheets
ASME specification steel tube sheets, precision machined for excellent sealing.

Tube Supports
Quality tube supports are manufactured to close tolerances to minimize the risk of vibration.

ASME specification precision machined steel heads. Custom connection versions are available.

All water side connections are FNPT, MNPT or flanged. All refrigerant side connections are IDS. Safety connections are FNPT. Custom nozzle orientations and locations are available.

Exterior surfaces are cleaned and painted with a high quality black paint and primer. Units are shipped with 3/4″ insulation as standard, custom thickness insulation is available upon request.

On all units 6⅝” OD and larger, the refrigerant side is constructed to the latest edition of the ASME Section VIII Div. 1 code standards and is stamped accordingly, while the shell side is non-code. Both sides are tested at 1.3 times the design pressure. Units are helium leak tested to find leaks as small as 1 x 10⁻⁵ mbar.l/s. Canadian registration

Working Pressures
See table for working pressures.

Nominal Water Pressure Drop
Nominal pressure drops are given at nominal water flow rates. To determine nominal flow rates in gallons per minute (gpm), multiply the nominal capacity in tons by 2.4. Water pressure drops provided do not include any external fittings or valves.

Approved Refrigerants
R22, R134a.

Non-Approved Refrigerants Unless Cleared by the Factory
Ammonia/R717, due to copper tubing. R404A, R410A & R507A due to recommended operating pressures. Custom units are available for these refrigerants.

Other Refrigerants
All other refrigerants must be approved by Standard Refrigeration before use.

Alternative Options
For one circuit alternatives, use TX-TXC single circuit units. For higher pressure refrigerants use a TX*-MP units. Applications requiring glycol, use TXC-MPG.

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*Ratings are based on entering water 54°F, leaving water 44°F, saturated suction temperature of 35°F, entering TXV temperature of 100°F with 7°F of superheating
Dimensions do not include the 3/4″ insulation. 3/4″ thick insulation included on standard models.
Shell side nozzle are available in right (R), left (L) or top (T) orientations, R is the standard default
˟Units have 3 or 4 circuits, other units are 2 circuit
ProSuite software values are the most accurate
Values shown are correct at the time of publication. All data should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase
Capacity Tons = 12,000 BTU/hr

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˟Units have 3 or 4 circuits, other units are 2 circuit