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Our services

Product Models

As part of our Engineering services, we offer .stp or .dxf files of our products to aid in system design. Our Engineering group stands ready to supply you with a library of products for your use. Whether a catalog product or a custom unit, we can work with you to get the information for ease of design layout.


Do you need a product in a quicker than normal lead time? Standard Refrigeration’s Expedite Program allows for prioritized manufacturing time for customer needs that are more critical than normal. Our ability to expand our operating hours to fit in emergency builds without disrupting other customer commitments is a unique feature in the industry.


Finished Goods

Standard Refrigeration is committed to having ‘in stock’ the most popular products so that we can meet the delivery requirements for your customers. Not ‘in stock’? We offer a POP program that has all the finished parts for units ready to assemble in a short time. Standard also carries a robust inventory of raw materials. Our in house machining capabilities allow us to turn out finished products in the shortest time imaginable.


Custom Heat Exchangers

Our engineering and fabrication capabilities allow Standard Refrigeration to take most any heat exchanger need and offer a solution. Whether an application outside of our cataloged units to replacing older units whose original manufacturer no longer supplies. Obsoleted heat exchangers? Out of the ordinary conditions? Provide Standard Refrigeration with the conditions and other requirements and we’ll custom design a unit for your needs.

Our mission is to advance shell and tube heat exchanger design and construction to the benefit of our customers and owner in a safe workplace where product quality is assured. To deliver product in line with our commitments to our customers at a responsible cost.


Performance requirements, old model number or even a serial number is often all that we need to make a product selection and quote.

The attached condenser and evaporator sheets allow input of detailed performance requirements. This information will be used by Standard’s ProSuite sizing software and reviewed by our design engineers prior to quoting.

Condenser Specification


Evaporator Specification