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Tube in Tube

KLT tube in tube condensers offer exceptional heat transfer with our smallest horizontal design, suitable for small mounting surface areas. They are designed to work with standard pressure refrigerants. The KLT design is an option for replacing the previous ‘ELT’ condenser line.

Standard Designs
KLT condensers are available in standard designs for water duty. The models feature high-efficiency tube surfaces and they are available in 4 catalog models from 2 to 10 horsepower (HP). For glycol duty please consult the factory.

Tube Materials
KLT condensers are manufactured with enhanced 3/4″ diameter copper tubing to provide heavy wall construction and ease of service from commonly available tube cleaning devices.

Configuration and Customization
Custom vessels are available with special materials of construction as required by you or your client, please consult the factory for options.

ASME specification steel pipe. Shells are sandblasted and cleaned prior to assembly.

Copper high-performance enhanced designed tubing. Other tubing materials are available for corrosive duties.

Tube Sheets
ASME specification steel tube sheets, precision machined for excellent sealing. Tube sheets are epoxy coated to prevent pitting caused by galvanic action.

ASME specification precision machined steel heads. Custom connection versions are available. The inside of the heads are epoxy coated to prevent pitting caused by galvanic action.

All water side connection are FTP. Refrigerant side connections are IDS.

Exterior surfaces are cleaned and painted with high-quality black paint and primer.

Units are ASME.

Working Pressures:
– 400 psi. Shell Side (Refrigerant) @ 150°F
– 150 psi. Tube Side (Water/Fluid) @ 150°F

Nominal Water Pressure Drop
Nominal pressure drops are given at nominal water flow rates. To determine nominal flow rates in gallons per minute (gpm), multiply the nominal HP by 3.0. Water pressure drops provided do not include any external fittings or valves.

Water Flow
Water velocities of eight feet per second (ft/s) or higher risk of premature impingement corrosion and tube failure. Operation below minimum flow rates may result in excessive fouling and poor heat transfer. All values in this catalog section are limited to flow velocities below eight feet per second.

Approved Refrigerants
R22, R134a, R290, R404A, R407C, R448A, R449A, R507A, R513A.

Non-Approved Refrigerants Unless Cleared by the Factory
Ammonia/R717, due to copper tubing. R404A, R410A & R507A due to recommended operating pressures.

Other Refrigerants
All other refrigerants must be approved by Standard Refrigeration before use.

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Custom, and larger models are available, please contact your local sales representative
*Ratings are based on entering water 85°F, leaving water 95°F, and saturated condensing temperature of 105°F with 5°F of subcooling
Nominal ratings: Include an additive fouling factor of 0.00025 fas calculated per AHRI Standard 450-2007.
Tubing has high performance enhanced surface
HP = 15,000 Btu/hr
Values shown are correct at the time of publication. All data should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase