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A Series

Compressor damage due to liquid slugging, loss of oil from the crankcase, or bearing washout can be caused by the flood back of liquid refrigerant through the system and back to the compressor before being evaporated. In order to protect against this condition on systems vulnerable to liquid damage, such as heat pumps or commercial refrigeration, a suction accumulator must be used. The accumulator intercepts and stores the liquid refrigerant before it reaches the compressor crankcase.

Improved system balance can also be attained with the installation of a Suction Accumulator. Accumulators store the excess refrigerant as the condenser or evaporator load varies, as well as during the compressor off-cycle. Standard Refrigeration Suction Accumulators are built for dependable and worry free operation.The accumulator should be placed in the compressor suction line between the evaporator and compressor, on the same level as the compressor to minimize the length of the suction line between the compressor and the accumulator. Reverse cycle heat pumps must locate the accumulator between the reversing valve and the compressor so that it is situated in the suction line regardless of operation mode.Suction accumulators must be selected according to tonnage, evaporator temperature and holding capacity. Selection and application of accumulators are the responsibility of the end user.

Standard Designs
The A series suction accumulators are available in twenty two catalog models. Mounting brackets come standard on all units and fusible plugs are available on larger models.

Custom vessels are available with special materials of construction as required by you or your client.

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Custom and larger models are available, please contact your local sales representative
Values shown are correct at the time of publication. All data should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase

Capacity Tons = 12,000 BTU/hr