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Shell and Tube Horizontal
Water Cooled Condensers

CRF (Condenser Refrigerant Fresh) water condensers offer a more compact heat exchanger with greater efficiency and a high level of durability. The CRF condenser has been developed for HFC/HFO cooling applications at medium and high pressure for refrigeration, process cooling, and air conditioning.

Standard Designs
Available in standard designs for fluid duty, CRF condensers feature high-efficiency tube surfaces, and they are available in 34 catalog models from 4 to 610 horsepower (HP). They are optimized with a smaller footprint, which results in smaller space requirements and a lower refrigerant charge. For glycol duty, please consult ProSuite selection software or contact the factory.

Tube Materials
CRF condensers are manufactured with high efficiency 3/4″ OD copper tubing to provide improved performance in a smaller unit. Heavy wall tube construction is available. The tubes can be easily serviced with commonly available tube cleaning equipment.

Configuration and Customization
CRF units offer a horizontal, cleanable tube design. The CRF range can be configured to match your or your client’s requirements. Standard Refrigeration now offers 3D SolidWorks drawings at the time of the quote. This will minimize the overall lead time and offer you or the end-user a quick, accurate, and effective design.


  • Provides the maximum efficiency at a low cost per HP
  • Compact design with about 15% to 20% shorter overall length and lower weight compared with HSE and SST units
  • Fully configurable
  • Water flow is optimized to reduce fouling and erosion risks
  • Multiple tube length options to match operating conditions with different approach temperature requirements
  • High efficiency tubes provide an overall performance increase versus HSE and SST models, while keeping the water pressure drop at the same level
  • Refrigerant connections have been optimized to minimize the pressure drop
  • Designed for R22, R134a, R404A, R407C/F, R410A, R507 and HFO1234ze
  • Designed to operate at a maximum allowable working pressure, MAWP, of 650 psi., which allows the use of all commonly used refrigerants

Alternative Options
Dual Circuit units are available in the CRF design. For seawater use, consult factory for CRM Marine Condensers

Part Numbers
Descriptive part number nomenclature for easy identification. As an example, a CRF120512KWH condenser part number is described below:

CRF –  Condenser model
12  –  Nominal shell diameter, in.
05 –  Tube length, ft.
1 –  Number of refrigerant shell side circuits
2 –  Number of tube side passes
K –  Tube count
(L = lower tube count, M=maximum number of tubes)
W –  Refrigerant connection identifier
(call factory for details)
H –  Water/fluid side connection identifier
(call factory for details)

CRF06* – CRF08* – CRF10* – CRF12* (ALL), CRF1404*, 1405*, 1605*
Single Circuit, Multiple Pass (2, 4, 6) CRF with FNPT Connections



CRF1406*, 1407*, 1408*, 1409*
Single Circuit, Single Pass CRF with FNPT Connections



CRF1410*, 1609*, 1610*
Single Circuit, Single Pass CRF with Flange Connections



CRF1405*, 1605*, 1805*, 2005*, 2405*, 2406*
Single Circuit, Multiple Pass CRF with Flange Connections



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Configurable, custom, and larger models are available, please contact your local sales representative
*Ratings are based on entering water 85°F, leaving water 95°F, and saturated condensing temperature of 105°F with 5°F of subcooling
**Pump down capacities are based upon 90% of the shell open volume. Multipliers for refrigerants other than R-22: R-134A= R-22 cap x 1.015; R-404A= R-22 cap x .89; R-410A=R-22 x 1.033
Nominal ratings include an additive fouling factor of 0.00025 ft2-hr-°F/ BTU as calculated per AHRI Standard 450.
ProSuite software values are the most accurate
Tubing has high performance enhanced surface
Values shown are correct at the time of publication. All data should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase
HP = 15,000 Btu/hr


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*Pump down capacities are based upon 90% of the shell open volume
Values shown are correct at the time of publication, all data should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase
Multiply pump-down capacities by 0.11 to calculate a minimum operating charge