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HSG Dual Circuit
Shell and Tube
Ultra Compact
Water Cooled

HSG condensers are designed to provide a serviceable, durable, and cost-effective solution for compact system designs.

Standard Designs
HSG single and dual circuit condensers are available in standard designs for water duty. The models feature internally and externally enhanced tube surfaces, and they are available in 14 single circuit and 12 dual circuit models ranging from 30 to 190 horsepower (HP). They are optimized for the most compact footprint. For glycol duty, please consult ProSuite or contact the factory.

Tube Materials
HSG condensers are manufactured with enhanced 3/4″ OD copper tubing. Heavy wall tube construction is available. The tubes can be easily serviced with commonly available tube cleaning equipment.

As standard, these condensers offer a horizontal, cleanable tube design. Custom vessels are available with special materials of construction as required by you or your client. Condensers can be made with stainless steel construction for use in corrosive environment

HSG (400 psi) and HSG-MP (600 psi) Dual Circuit Condensers



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Custom and larger models are available, please contact your local sales representative
*Ratings are based on entering water 85°F, leaving water 95°F and saturated condensing temperature of 105°F with 5°F of subcooling
**Pump down capacities are based upon 90% of the shell open volume. Multipliers for R-404A= R-22 cap x .89
Nominal ratings include a additive fouling coefficient of 0.00025 as calculated per AHRI Standard 450-2007
ProSuite software values are the most accurate
Tubing has high performance enhanced surface
Values shown are correct at the time of publication. All data should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase
HP = 15,000 Btu/hr